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Michelle Wiley
Michelle Wiley (alternate)

Michelle Wiley

When Michelle first visited Utah in 1990 at the age of 17, she didn’t know that there would be mountains, Mormons, or deserts. She soon took to the former and the latter. Backcountry exploring and summiting peaks were her first interests. She worked for 100 hours on a trail crew in exchange for a ski pass at Brighton Ski Resort without ever having skied previously.

Michelle moved to Moab in 1994 to work on a native fishes research project on the Colorado River and then spent several years working in central Utah in wilderness therapy teaching at-risk youth backcountry survival skills.

Michelle developed and honed her organization and communication skills as co-owner and project manager for a residential real estate development project that included negotiating with municipalities and private landowners. She was also responsible for keeping a bird’s eye view of the entire project to ensure that the cat wrangling was as effective as possible.

Michelle now enjoys the home she built in said residential development with Trevar and their dog, Marlo. She earned her Level One BICP certification in 2019 and enjoys enduro and downhill disciplines of mountain biking. She loves teaching and helping others with their mountain bike skills. She is inspired to chase those who out-skill her on the bike down the trail.

Michelle’s experience as a BICP coach and having spent the majority of her adult life working and playing outside in Moab allows her to understand the needs of Town & Country clients and businesses.

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