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Inland Marine Insurance

Will your business’s insurance plan cover everything you transport? Is the equipment on your delivery truck too expensive to be protected by your current plan?

Consider inland marine insurance. It preserves the value of a product over and above what traditional insurance may not cover while it’s being transported. Whether your business needs ongoing coverage or a policy to safeguard a one-time transit of goods, Town and Country Insurance will be there to help you select an option that’s right. As an independent insurance agency, Town and Country Insurance has access to a number of different insurance companies. We are not married to a single brand and can measure the pros and cons of the different offerings on the market.

Inland marine insurance can mitigate the risk in several situations, including:

  • Transportation of goods in general
  • Insuring a client’s property being transported
  • Coverage of fine arts or exhibition equipment as a one-time event

At Town and Country Insurance, we know the goods you transport can have a value beyond the scope of your traditional business insurance. Let us help you find the right coverage for your next transport of high-value goods.

Contact us for your inland marine insurance quote.